7 thoughts on “Portfolio

  1. Hi, my husband and I met you in Kingston at the Art Fair, and we really liked the painting “Distance.” We were wondering if you still have this painting for sale?

    Thanks, Vicki

  2. Hi saw you at the Brooklyn art fair
    Was wondering what you had that was similar in a 48×36 (wxh) or on that range with the blues

  3. Hello Christopher,

    I met you and bought one of your paintings at last year’s Brooklyn Art Fair. I am currently in Toronto but forgot your card. Would you let me know if it would be possible to see your studio and if so would you give me your address?

    Thank you,

  4. We met Chris in Toronto at the Jimmie Simpson Art Fair. We feel in love with his work. Our piece is similar to Morning Phase. We are passing along to it info to our friends and family and would love to buy more of your work

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